A 19 year old Italian man died yesterday in Genova, Italy, a
protestor of the globilization that is occurring. He is a martyr and I
am most concerned, shockingly, not by the video image of his blood
spattered across the pavement, nor his ruptured face that lay open
against his shoulder, but by the fact that I don't clearly understand
what he died for. If we globalized then the miserable poor and the
miserable rich would be trapped in their distant lands. Is that what
this young man died over? Globalizing that does not bring us together
but instead dooms us to our separation? The idea, global, is a biased
one to start. Watching the multicolored flow of city liquid running
against a cafe window is global, as knowing your grocer's name
and face, is not. Watching one and a half hours of
television is global, as walking a mile in the morning to get a pitcher
of water, is not. Traveling to the catedrals of a foreign pais is
global, as fighting and dying before the age of twenty in a local
religous war, is not. Thinking globally after the opportunity to be in
global situations is to privilege, as suffering due to the lack of such
opportunity is to injustice. All of these things happen on the globe-
where does it cross?
The bloody jaw of a dead Italian boy on CNN+.