There is no way to get better at departures, they are a traveler's
hangover, which happens the morning before instead of the morning
after. Opening your eyes, the coating in your stomach that eating,
drinking, putting your head back down on the pillow and shutting your
eyes hard, does not get rid off. The ticket for the next town is only
the next exotic cocktail poured with inconceivable sweetly-dyed
tonics, refreshing and kicking your head in a circle
again. But the goodbye to my sister was simplified- I'll see her again-
and the one to la senora uplifting, she offered me encouragement and spoke
of her travels as a rebellious woman backpacker, telling me something
I had already gathered; that those travels were some of her
happiest moments. Sevilla leaves me a beautiful experience and a
charming town. --------

de fiesta nacional y del paro...