Nintendo Wii

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This is the newest Nintendo console at the time of writing. It was released in late 2006. There are many key differences in this systems compared to the previous systems like the Gamecube. The system is able to connect to the Internet through its wireless card, which gives it much more information input than a static video game system. Not only can the system receive system updates through the internet, but the system can also check the news, browse the internet, and download more games off the internet. With its wireless, motion sensing, screen-tracking controllers, the user is presented with the most direct interface experience. The controller acts as a pointing device, so all the user literally has to do is point at the screen and click to do what the user wants. In use as a hypertext system, this is exceedingly functional.

This is similar in concept to the Satellaview, but to a much more extreme sense. The difference of course being that the Wii takes advantage of the current technology, and infrastructure that's already in place for the internet, where the Satellaview used the satellite modem was more convenient then.

One of the best selling games on the Wii so far is the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.