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Stratum is a metric that suggests whether there is an order for reading the hyperdocument. For instance, a linear hyperdocument can only be read one way. On the other hand, if the hypertext is a cycle then structurally it does not make any difference from what node the reader starts. If the hyperdocument is a binary tree, the reading must start from the root. From there either the root of the right or the left subtree must be read, and so on. Stratum is a measure of the amount of choice the reader has. If the stratum is high, there may be too few choices for the reader, while if the stratum is low, the excessive number of links to choose from at any moment may cause disorientation.

Before calculating any of these metrics the index and reference nodes must be removed. Index and reference nodes represent a sort-of "overlaid" structure, which is not part of the structure used for browsing.

Source: De.

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