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Tables of Contents

This kind of devices was transferred from book design and has very good effect. While static tables of contents are very common, Electronis Book Technologies' DynaText offers readers a powerful dynamic, automatically generated contents screen that are different from static tables of contents in three ways [Landow]:


  1. Clicking on an icon near a title will cause the first level of its subtitles to appear.
  2. Clicking upon any section immediately brings up the relevant section in the text window to the right of the section title.
  3. The results of a search appear in the contents screen as well as in the text itself

This dynamic listing proves particularly valuable when a DynaText web is configured as an electronic book, for then, following a link from one point in the text to another causes the destination text to replace the departure one. The system works so quickly - near instantaneously - that without the contents listing at the side, readers might well become disoriented [Landow].

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