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Guided Tours

A guided tour just likes a string of nodes. It may be encouraged from the trail proposed by Bush that is used to record the path of visiting users want to remember :

"Thereafter, at any time, when one of these items is in view, the other can be instantly recalled merely by tapping a button below the corresponding code space. Moreover, when numberous items have been thus joined together to form a trail, they can be reviewed in turnm rapidly or slowly, by deflecting a lever like that used for turning the pages of a book. It is exactly as though the physical items had been gathered together from widely separated sources and bound together to form a new book. It is more than this, for any item can be joined into numerous trails."

An example of guided tours is the guided tour for the Cyberspace, Hypertext, and Critical Theory web.

When a hypertext document is changed, the guided tour need to be changed.

Navigation in Hypertext Navigation Aids

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