Listen, you want something different? You really wanna get fucked up on something new, or do you want the same old shit, the same old technology, the same old LIFE?

You know what Sweden is, son? It's a country, son. And they've got these brilliant fucking techies over there, like you wouldn't believe. Damn, they know how to program like you can't even imagine. You think you've seen it all already, do ya?

My stuff ain't like anything your mama makes. C'mon, half price for the son of two real VIPs.

Kid, you look smart. I'm gonna ask you a question. What's the one thing that's been missing here, c'mon, think about it. No idea, huh. All right, think hard. Remember your favorite MEM... got it? Now try to remember the smells. I'm talking new smells, not stuff they could just activate. Can't, huh. That's right, they haven't come up with that shit at Fantascape or Dreamtel or whoever the hell else. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist yet.