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Virtual X Monthly:

Daphne Miller's latest creation, entitled simply "Flicker," is a superb example of the direction in which the MEM industry should be going.

Even now, three weeks after uploading "Flicker," I can still taste the pepper-flavored Russian vodka on my lips, I still shudder at the thought of those bitter winter evenings in St. Petersburg. And every now and then, I could swear I've actually gone and killed a real Russian spy.

But in all honesty, "Flicker's" real strength lies in Miller's ability to pick up on the little things: the shape, weight and size of the Metro token; the sharp, ugly accent of the drunken Finns in every bar; the sickly groan of the manual transmission, Russian-made Lada . It is the trifles, the sights, sounds and smells that you are exposed to every day, yet, which somehow never enter our active thought processes.

Miller has a knack for such detail. And the finely woven plot of espionage and intrigue won't let you down either. Take my word, this is artificial memory at its best.