A Critical Approach to Memory, Inc.

The hypertext Memory, Inc., although essentially a creative work, represents an attempt to pull together my responses to the various fictions, films, and critical theory we studied throughout the course of "Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Critical Theory."

This was not an easy feat -- during our final meeting of this semester, Professor Landow requested that each of us verbally sum up the overall theme and direction of the class. "If you were going to describe this class to a friend who was thinking about taking it, what would you say?" He further requested that we, in one way or another, describe the manner in which the study of the cyborg is integral, or simply applicable, to the study of cyberspace. And vice versa.

In true Brown fashion, the question was evaded by the entire class. We also tacitly agreed to replace it with a much easier one: "If you could change one thing about this class, what would it be?"