Text: Transition

According to Alvin Kernan, ěthe ëlogicí of a technology, an idea, or an institution is its tendency consistently to shape whatever it affects in a limited number of definite forms or directionsî (49). What can we predict about the future by understanding the ělogicî of a particular technology or set of technologies? …not until about 1700 did print technology ětransform the more advanced countries of Europe from oral into print societies, reordering the entire social world, and restructuring rather than merely modifying lettersî (9). How long, then, will it take computing, specifically computer hypertext, to effect similar changes? How long, one wonders, will the change to electronic language take until it becomes culturally pervasive? And what byways, transient cultural accommodations, and the like will intervene and thereby create a more confusing, if culturally more interesting, picture? (Landow 29)