South Ferry

"Its been a long day, I think that I am going to go home." I take the subway all the way to the end thinking about everything that had happened since the first of the month. Since that day that I saw the light. I take the Staten Island Ferry, leaving the phallus that I call home to think, to look at Lady Liberty and really think about what has happened. Think about why I have changed so much, think about David and what he means to me. I look to the sky and ask it to help me, to help me return to my normal self. To let me resty in peace. The fog horn blows, were across the Hudson. Liberty hasn't provided any answers. I get off the boat, walk around to the front of the terminal and get right back on, only to go back to the island, the island of vigor, of hope, and of life. I walk down to the subway station, and get on without any answers, but with the low hum of the train lulling me to sleep.

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