Rector Street

His place was rather modest, kinda a dump to be honest. "So what do you do for a living?"

"I write."

"What kind of things do you write?"

"Well, I'm mostly into fiction, but I like to write poetry too."

"Wow, I used to have aspirations of being a writer, but it didn't work out. After college, there were too many bills to pay, so I decided that it would be better if I had a job that actually paid me money."

"Yeah, it's hard, but it was a choice I was willing to make. I could never see myself behind a desk, and I do odd jobs to get money here and there--enough to survive."

"So what do you write about?"

"A lot of the stuff that I write is autobigraphical." I think back to college and how my writing teacher told my class that real writers don't write about themselves. "Here, would you like to read something of mine? I'd love to get, your opinion."

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