Canal Street

[Scene is a hip, urban setting, there is excitement here. But the bystanders are each into their own individual things. One is soliciting customers to buy sunglasses, another is listening to music on a large stereo resting on his shoulder, yet another is playing catch with his dog.]

David: So I think that there is something really weird going on, not just with me, but with you, and with this whole damn city.

David: [agreeably] I know what you mean. Things have not been normal this month. It's like everything in my life has turned upside down. [gathering momentum] I haven't been sleeping, I haven't been eating. I just feel so alone all of the time.

David: Like yesterday, I'll have these moments where I just can't see anything. I'll blank out for days it seems like and end up at these random places, K-Mart, Christopher Street, Chelsea. I don't really understand it. [David nods in agreement] And when I come too, it's like I'm not really there, I feel nausea and dizzyness.

david: [with sarcasm] Don't tell me, you see this bright

flash of light
right before you pass out or whatever it is you do, right?

David: You too?

David: yup.

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