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I mean who came up with the idea to make a computer? Where does one know where to put the millions of circuits and wires and plastic and metal? I remember when I was a little kid, my parents took me to see a piece of the worlds' first computer, the ENIAC. It's amazing how far computers have come so quickly. The ENIAC is about as big as an apartment and all that it could do was simple math, and it did it really slowly, slower than a person could. And this was the 40's, only 50 years ago. They have a piece of it in one of the buildings at the University of Michigan Engineering school. I don't remember what ENIAC stands for but I know that I used to. My parents were always having me memorize stupid stuff like that. Especially if they had taken the time to take me on a personal field trip. While other kids were playing outside or eating ice cream from the ice cream man in the summers, there I was on the inside looking out with a pile of math problems to do and no where to go. Both of my parents worked, so I was able to sneak out of the house once I realized that I had free choice, that there was a part of me that they could not control, and that I never let them see. I just didn't want them taking that away from me too.

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