89 Street

"That's true."

"So is there anything else?"

"I guess so."

"We still have 10 more minutes, do you want to call it a day?"

I've been kind of lonely lately, I need to be around someone, "Nah. If I'm paying for it, I might as well stay. Have you read any good books lately?"

"Do you even need to ask?"

He rattles off some book with a long title with big words, and I'm not really listening.

"Well I only read books by the post-stuc--"

I cut him off, "Doctor, are you sure that it was just a dream?"

"Yes." He rolls his eyes at me. "Okay, times up, I'll see you in two weeks, you know appointments are canceled next week for the holidays, right."

"Yeah." I get up and go, feeling a bit better about things. Visiting him makes me feel right at home because he's so condescending.

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