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Museum of Natural History

This is the language of the computer, it talks like this and it has to do all of the work of translating this mess of connections made and not made into English so that we can read it. The computer speaks a language that most people who use computers do not know, and it knows English. Do you really know what your computer is saying? How do you know is this is what I am really typing at this moment? How do you know the computer hasn't changed my words, it is fooling you right now into thinking that I am telling you about assembly language. Do I even know it? Am I writing this? If this were in my handwriting, and you saw me write it, I bet that you'd probably feel a bit better, huh? Or even if it were in book form so that you could touch it or curl up in you bed with it you'd be a more confident in answering the question. For all that you know this is just a Java Script that I wrote generating random words and they are just happening to say this, what ever this is saying. You don't know because you don't know what lies within, you don't know what the insides of a computer looks like, do you? It's just like the newspaper when you read it, Why do you trust it so blindly?

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