Seventh Avenue

We are angels in the sky, circling the pyramids and spreading cheer and good will. The slaves are tired from working all day. Sun Ra has punished them for trying to kill their leader. The sun is very hot today. But we are the good angels, who escaped from our vengeful god. We do not like that he is so mean to the people.

Now we fly to China, many workers are building a Great Wall to keep the Manchurians out. The workers are not happy, but they have no choice but to do as they are told, or they will be killed. We try to provide them with warmth against the brisk wind sent by the heavens. They are thankful and are happy to help them.

New York is crying, her people do not understand the changes that our god has in store for them. They will not like them. We are trying to prepare them for the worst, spreading our magic dust over the city. Millennium Approaches.

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