72 Street

It's set up a bit differently than the last time I was in here. There's a big exhibit on the Ming Dynasty here right now. I am going to check it out eventually, but first I want to go see the Egyptian Exhibit. That's my favorite part of the museum. I walk over to the scaled down pyramid. It's still humongous. I always wondered what it would be like to have lived in different times. We take so much for granted. Think a room in your house, I bet there are at least ten things that room, no matter which room which did not exist even a year ago. I mean I grew up in the days of Atari and Coleco-Vision. Kids today, what do they have? 64 bit graphics, stereo sound, four players at one can play. The games are on CDs for christsake. CDs didn't even exist on the market when I was little. I mean seriously. The rate at which things are developing, constanly changing and improving, it's not natural. Time is speeding up. Headed on a collison course with something.

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