Fifth Avenue

It was decided pretty early on that I was going to the math and science one. After my sister rebelled and became an Art major, my life was filled with remarks like, "David, don't be a screw up like your sister." What was I supposed to think? Exhibiting an interest in math and science was rewarded with a rare pat on the head. Liking the humanities would mean guilt. So I went through the first eighteen years of my life knowing that math and science were what I was good at, what would bring me and my family happiness, and that was the direction I took. I gave up my dreams to try to be the good boy that my parents bragged to their friends about, but were never satisfied with. I was the engineer, following in my father's footsteps at the University of Michigan. Miserable in my confinement, but still striving to satisfy the parents who would never be satisfied.

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