34 Street

The next thing I remember I am in a diner, at a counter eating a bowl of chowder. I'm not sure how much time has passed, but then again, what is time? I realize how his has to stop, this return to innocence, to my childhood if I want to feel normal again. I feel so dirty all of a sudden, like my mind has been raped, violated and robbed of something sacred, some inner part that has just been poked and prodded and explored when it is supposed to have been left alone. The door to the diner opens and I look over. I literally drop my spoon and stop breathing for a moment. It is me I see walking in, or what I think is me, Ever since that burst of light, then the darkness, my vision has been skewed. So the person who I think is me sits next to me. He sets his coat down looks up and is just a puzzled as I am.

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