23 Street

"Now Doctor, I realize that I have been acting a little strange lately, but c'mon, I don't think that it has really gotten that bad."

"Not that homosexualtiy is a bad thing, David, but I trust you, only you know what is really going on inside of you."

"That's right doc."

"But I also want you to remember that sometimes, there is no clear cut indide or outside to something. Take your color blindness for instance. It is a very internalized thing, it is caused by a lack of cones in your eyes, and your brain has learned to function without it. But then there is the externalization of this color blindness. It affects the way you act towards different people, the way you percieve things. As you can see every cause has it's effect and every effect has it's cause. "

"I'm not sure I understand you."

"Okay...well think of it this way, if I were to give you a book, lets say this one book on my desk, Nausea, and you read it. Well there's a plot, consistant characterization, rising action, a climax and then a denoument. What does this do for you, as a reader?"

"I dunno, I guess so that I have come to expect things to be ordered in a certain way, and since it is presented that way, I understand it. I remember reading The Sound and the Fury and it drove me nuts because I never knew what was going on."

"Exactly David, they do that so that we can give some sort of meaning to the words that are on the page. Now imagine yourself. You live your life and think of your actions as a bunch of text. You give yourself a table of contents, you divide these texts up into little, consumable chapters that make sense to you. You make associations between things or order things in a certain way when it all is really arbitrary , forgetting what you want to, and remembering what you don't; it all happens however your brain tries to make sense of things.

"That's interesting and all, but I'm not really sure where you are going with that analogy."

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