183 Street

I can remember really the moment that I discovered masturbation. My school had this think called sex ed week, where all that you learned about for the whole week was sex. This was a yearly thing and they had some form of it in every grade. So anyway, my class (it was sixth grade) had watched the movie Free To Be You and Me and in that movie they talk about masturbation. So they cut to this scene where this kid is in a bathroom stall, and his friend is in the stall next to him. You hear these weird noises and one friend says to the other, "What are you doing Billy?" Well, Billy is too engrossed in his business to explain, and continues working away. The friend stands on the toilet and looks over the stall wall to see what was going on. But does Billy stop? No. And the friend ends up trying it too, till they've both cum, and well you know. So I go home that night and decide that I am going to try that too, but what exactly it was I was going to try, and how I was going to do it, I wasn't sure.

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