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"Ming I'm going to tell you the story of the lazy prince."

My mother would always tell me a bedtime story, but she didn't tell me about "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" of "Cinderella", every story had to teach me some very important lesson that I was to apply the next day, and this required either visual proof or a written summary of my manifestation of the the previous night's lesson.

"De razy prince was velly razy child. He have many servant who do all things for him. He even have servant to wipe the poo-poo off his butt after he go to the bafroom."

I always giggled to myself at that part.

"One day, emperor decide to go to war to get back some land that he lose in earlier battle. So eveybody had to go and fight this war, everbody except the razy prince. He father ret heem stay home because he too razy to go fight in war. But no more servants to take care of prince, so emperor tell his baker, 'Make me biggest donut you can, to last my son for two whole weeks.' So baker make donut and give to emperor. 'Goot job,' say emperor. He put donut on son neck, tell him, you be goot son, I be back in two week to check on you. So emperor and he army of servant reave palace and go to war."

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