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That's not to say that I don't believe in god, or at least some form of god. The earth is too perfect not to have been made by something. Sometimes I really don't know, though. Because I wasn't rased in a strictly religious home, I kind of had my own free will on this one, and the jury is still out. Most of the time I believe, there was this one time that I swear to god (or Buddha or whoever) an angel came to me. Or maybe it was the pot that I was smoking, but I really believed that it happened. But lately, I have been turning away from the notion of a supreme being, or at least the Judeo-Christian conception of that being. It just seems to me like everyone is grabbing for straws, trying to find something to believe in before it's too late. I mean the millennium is coming in less than a month. People need something to believe in or life is too damn bleak.

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