163 Street
Amsterdam Avenue

"Hi David, How are you doing?" He doesn't look so good, I hope that I can get whatever is going on inside of him out without having to prod.

"Doctor, I'm doing terribly. Everything was fine until yesterday when the weirdest thing happened. I was just on the subway and then all of a sudden I felt really weird, like something was pushing at the back of my eyes. So I left the subway station already a bit dazed and then there was this bright flash of light from the sky. After that I was in a complete daze. I ended up going to this diner by Christopher Street, and I sit down and see this guy who looks strangely familiar. So I start asking him, you know, 'Have we met before?' and he's like, 'No.' But I know he knew who I was, he kept on looking at me funny."

"So then what happened?"

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