145 Street

"Well, I'm not sure, that's what's so bothersome about the whole thing. The fact that I feel like I know him, but that I can place him anywhere. I have a pretty keen sense for remembering people, and I just can't place him anywhere in my life."

"What does this person look like? Since I know a lot about your life, maybe I can jog your memory."

"That's another problem, when I saw this guy, it was after that whole light incident, and I couldn't see very well. I think, for some reason that he looked a lot like me."

"Could it be a relative? Do you have cousins or anything in New York?"

"No, most of my family either still live in China, or they didn't make it when they tried to escape the communists."

"Hmmm, well maybe it's a relative you've never met before and you looked like him. It's entirely possible considering that you've lost track of your relatives, and you would be from the same gene pool. Why don't you tell me a little more about this light that you saw."

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