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Jean on twins

-- Aaaahhh, twins!. But neither knows anything about the other. I have often been known to say that when a double materializes, when it becomes visible, it signifies imminent death. What, do you suppose would happen if the two should ever meet? Chase was obviously aware of his lost sister, a girl plagued with insanity and an obsession with sex and a fetishization of all things Nabisco. What does this say about his other darling sister? If the double is merely an imaginary figure, (running dangerously close to entering the "real", for the Underwoulds) a shadow, the mirror image, which haunts the subject like a subtle death then Sabrine's existence must be kept a secret. Not only would it mean the death of Chrissy's career, but the downfall of the Underwould name. Chase has kept her a secret, thus admitting to himself that she exists, but hiding it from the rest of the Crescent Heights community. Everyone knows what happened to Chase. Being responsible for the separation of the twins to begin with, he is trapped in the disaster of their chanced reunion.