Never was anyone so completely given up to unlimited self indulgence. Often she would go to a bring-your-own-food dinner-party with ten young men or more, all at the peak of their physical powers.

The bathhouse, both as a cover for prostitution and as a den of bacteria, hastened its own demise in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Although ever popular in Finland, the Finns received harsh rebukes from the Swedes for their bathing behavior. The Royal Academy of Surgeons in Sweden cited the crass behavior and potential uncleanliness of the baths in a an effort to dissuade people from the practice, but did not stop short of the heartstrings: "Finland also has an insane custom whereby the mother goes to the sauna with her little child as often as every second day, which like all insanities leads to the child's early death, just as if she is wishing it on him". The Swede Pehr Adrian Gadd wrote, "frequent saunas, the time spent in smoke huts, and the bitter smell of charcoal-burning seems to be the main reason that the people of that area regularly lose their sight before their hearing." High humidity baths actually make breathing more labored, by condesing water on the alveoli in the lungs, causing spotty vision. The vapour seeps into the eyes and blinds. Obstretricans caution against sitting in a tub that turns the skin red, as it increases the chance of a miscarriage.

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