World Wide Web Materials

HTML versions of webs originally created in Intermedia or Storyspace, documents written for print publication, and those created specifically for the Web. The following items appear roughly in chronological order.

1. David B. Stevenson's The Freud Web

2. The Religion in England Web.

Originally created in Intermedia as part of Context32, it is now woven into The Victorian Web). (Stevenson originally translated both webs into html; they now appear in new versions.)

3. A History of Hypertext at Brown

4. The Victorian Web

This website, which contains materials on all aspects of Victorian literature and society, includes WWW versions of Landow's books on Biblical interpretation, Pre-Raphaelitism, Ruskin, and so on as well as substantial portions of books by other scholars. The sections on religion alone are the product of contributions by almost twenty scholars from around the world. This site, which has won many awards, has several hundred thousand users a year and an Asian mirror-site.

5. Cyberspace, Hypertext, and Critical Theory This web contains many often elaborate student projects, some of which originated in Storyspace. Among the more interesting:

6. Postcolonial and Postimperial Fiction Web

This fast-growing web, which already includes contributions from Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and North America, contains materials on (1) literature, primarily anglophone, from former British colonies, (2) postcolonial and related theory, and (3) the societies and culture of relevant regions.

7. Putting Victorian Poetry on the Web?, Introductory web-essay for the WWW version of Victorian Poetry, Spring 1998.

8. In addition, Landow and his assistants translated five of his books books and a dozen essays into html, and they may be found by following links in his on-line bibliography

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