Robert Arellano

As Visiting Lecturer at the Program in Creative Writing and the Malcolm S. Forbes Center for Modern Culture and Media, I am instructing the Brown University Hyperfiction Workshop, the course I helped Robert Coover create three years ago as a technical adviser and teaching assistant. Coover invited me to Brown's Program in Creative Writing in the winter of 1992 so that I could take over our groundbreaking workshop during his sabbatical. At Brown, I have been writing exclusively interactive fiction and broadening my basis in multimedia through film, video, and soundtrack seminars at the Malcolm Forbes Center for Modern Culture and Media. In May I submitted, for the completion of my MFA requirements, Brown University's first electronic graduate thesis.

A good example of my published writing is available on the Internet. Last spring, I created what the New York Times Book Review has cited as the Internet's first online hypertext 'zine, Albert Hofmann's Strange Mistake, distributed worldwide on 16 April 1993, the 50th anniversary of the German chemist's accidental discovery of LSD. The 'zine is free and available at

Also, I'm currently publishing my aunt, Vera Rabyd, in the form of a weekly Internet column, NOTES OF A DIRTY OLD WOMAN which will accrue new meaning every Monday in '95, with hypertext time and space overviews that'll proliferate and thrive, making it a little easier for everyone to stay alive. You can find it at

. . . and instead of settling down with some pompous Post or tedious Times every mons day, have a lightning-hot java pot and perk up with Aunt Vera!
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