Andy van Dam, Marty Michel, Paul Kahn, and Ruth Landow

Toasting marshmallows and trying to keep wqarm on a very cold Spring day. From left to right: Andy van Dam, the inspiration and Godfather of IRIS, Marty Michel, Paul Kahn, and Ruth Landow. Marty first served as assistant director in charge of management and finance, and after Bill Shipp retired, he became Co-Director of IRIS with Norman Meyrowitz. After Norm left for Go Computing, Marty became sole director, and during the last years of IRIS Paul Kahn took on the directorship. Ruth wrote the style sheet for the multi-university Continents of Knowledge project, which had it received fundsing would have served as the prototype for academic content on the World Wide Web. Spring 1991.

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Last modified 6 May 2005