Marc A. Zbysznski’s and David Stevenson

Spring 1993. Two IRIS undergraduate research assistants: Marc A. Zbysznski and David B. Stevenson '96. Marc, who made some really interesting, playful uses of Storyspace in Landow's hypertext and literary theory course, did most of the SGML coding for Hypertext in Hypertext, the DynaText vesrsion of Hypertext that Johns Hopkins University Press published in 1994.

Working at IRIS, Dave created the first humanities materials at Brown on the World Wide Web, taking advantage of the invitation of Professor of Physics Gerald Guralnik to place IRIS documemts on the webserver hosted by the High Energy Physics Group. Dave first recreated the Religion in England section of Context32 (which later became part of The Victorian Web) and then his own Freud Web, which then won a web award from the Swedish National Agency for Education.

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