The Veiling of Homoerotic Desire in Roland Barthes' S/Z

Carrie Watterson

(190) If he went to the Comedie-Francaise, he was taken by his master. He felt so out of place at Mme Geoffrin's and in high society, into which Bouchardon tried to introduce him, that he preferred to be alone, and shunned the pleasures of that licentious era. * REF. Historical code: the century of Louis XV. ** SYM. Protection against sexuality.

(191) He had no other mistress but sculpture * . . . . ** SYM. Protection against sexuality. *** SYM. Pygmalion.

(192) and Clotilde, one of the luminaires of the Opera. * ACT: "Liaison": 1: to have a liaison.

(193) And even this affair did not last. (S/Z, 103)

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