R and L fight about the stupidest things. Tonight is one the the rare nights R has free, and she wants to have fun. "What do you want to do tonight?", she asks L. "Do you want to get a video? We don't have to if you don't want to," she says. "Well." says L, "We can get a video if we can't think of anything better to do." R is outraged. She just wants to have some fun, but instantly she feels guilty for never spending any quality time with R. The whole thing blows up into a huge fight and that is how they spend the night- fighting. When they finally make up, R's friend calls and asks to pick up some stuff he left at their house. L stays in bed while R chats with her friend. By the time he leaves, L is fast asleep and the evening is pretty much over. R curls up on the couch and watches Deep Space Nine.