R and L own a beautiful couch with a wooden frame. It's an Ethan Allen, and they bought it in beautiful condition, not a scratch on it, pillows a bit faded (but slip covers can work wonders). When they brought it home, they found to their dismay, that it simply did not fit up the back staircase- no way, no how. They tried taking the top bar off, being careful not to strip the screws with the too-big screwdriver that was the only one they owned. Still, no dice. Their downstairs neighbor came home as they were trying for the fifth time to get the sofa up the stairs, it being wedged in the corner of the first flight of stairs. He suggested that they take it up the front stairs and through his apartment. It worked! However, somehow, in all those attempts, the beautifully carved arms had become hopelessly gouged and scratched up. R feels a little thrill of sadness every time she looks at them.