Bart tries to cheat at Scrabble

Bart and Celeste played Scrabble by the fire in the billiard room.

"'Rascon' is not a word," Celeste said.

"It is in my new language. It means 'one approaching Nirvana, slowly.'"

"Sorry, big fella. English words only."

"O.K., here."

"Ra? That's not a word, either."

"It appears in Jacques Derrida's Disseminations. 'Oh, Ra, who art in thy egg...'"

"You can't use proper names."

"Roland Barthes had a lot to say about proper names that might prove enlightening in this situation..."

"Fine, you can have Ra. Two points for you. And I'm going to build on your 'R'...'Czar.' With my triple word score, that would be 39. Your turn!"

Bart said nothing.

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