In the kitchen

"Zut alors!" screamed Chef Presse-puree at the top of his lungs.

He pointed a bloody finger at Chef David.

"Where is ze seasoned salt?!" he thundered, "You haf taken eet! Yew are trying to find out ze zecrets of ze famous Presse-puree, and ruin heem! It shall not happen!"

Chef David coughed.

"I believe the seasoned salt is in the spice rack, next to the rosemary."

"Ah, so eet is! You have moved eet! Why do you hide eet from me?! Eet is ze zecret ingredient to mah mashed potatoes! EEK! I should not have said that! Another zecret gone! to this impostor! Well, you shall not find out the zecret to my special sauce!"

As Presse-puree turned, Chef David whipped out his recipe rolodex, and under "Potatoes-mashed" wrote "seasoned salt."

"I alphabetized your spices for you," he said calmly.

Rosemary said nothing.

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