Mike and Celeste landed with a crash on the kitchen floor.

"Where have you come from!?" screamed Presse-puree.

"We found this secret passage-way from the study," Celeste began.

"Zecret passage-way mah foot! Sacre Bleu! All of yew sneaking around with zeze notebooks - yew are trying to find out ze zecrets of ze famous Presse-puree! Well, mah zecret sauce is going to stay zecret from yew, yew plumbair!"

Mike paled.

"I'm not a plumbair. I'm a sanitation coordinator for Swisher Enterprises," he said as he stood up.

"What haf yew done!?" Presse-puree cried, "Yew landed on mah Hamburger Helpair! It was ze key to mah Sloppy Joes! Ah! Another zecret out of ze bag! Go ahead, write it in your leetle notebooks! See if ah care! Now get out!"

Chef David quietly made another entry under "Meals-proletarian."

"Do you need a hand?" he asked, picking up the crushed box.

Dinner is served
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