The council had fallen silent as Achilles and Agamemnon stared into one another icily across the gathering. Finally the great warrior broke the stand-off, stating, "We would not now suffer this plague had you contained your lust instead of confiscating the prophet's daughter for a wife. You must return her and make amends with the god."

"You're a fine one to talk, Achilles; perhaps I will replace Chryseis with your own Briseis, the slave-girl you yourself claimed, so that you understand what you ask of me."

"I had the sense not to steal a woman favored by a god; the same can't be said for you. If you should take your petty vengeance for your own mistake out upon me, then I will show you just how helpless you are without me. See how your army will flounder without my Myrmidons to aid you."

"You would abandon your countrymen when they need you most? A fine warrior you are, Achilles. Briseis will be glad to be rid of you. Chryseis may be returned to her father; I have found a new concubine."

"You and Menelaus will regret this choice, Agamemnon. But this, like all the others, is your mistake to make. I will see you again when the Trojans take us prisoner, and not before."


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