Ancient Armaments

After gazing meditatively at the piece for a time, Miss Sunnington inquired, "How old do you imagine it is?"

"Most likely a replica," asserted Sir Thomas. "Still, it does rather capture the glory of the classical age, wouldn't you say?"

"Ah, don't be so certain," Mr. Flowers intervened. "I'd date it to the 13th century BC or thereabouts. Remarkably well-preserved."

"That would be the Trojan War, if I remember my history," said Sir Thomas. "Fascinating time."

"Oh, absolutely," agreed Mr. Flowers. "Some of the best stories ever told derive from that era."

"Perhaps you might grace us with such a tale," Miss Sunnington requested.

"Ah, I suppose, though in truth I'm no great storyteller. Let's see..."


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