Necessity and Reason

Now that we have entered into the Age of Reason, we are forced to re-evaluate the ancient philosophical question, what is virtue? We are heir to many great and well-developed avenues of thought, but these are sometimes at odds with one another, and many ignore religious considerations entirely. How are we to forge a path through such a jungle to a sense of the true and just that feels right?

This task is further complicated by the seeming necessities that we perceive. In particular, we may not rely upon what others tell us must be done, even those we respect; for though this may be the case, it is never necessary to subordinate one's moral compass to duty, or to act in a way that one knows to be wrong because it seems to further the greater good.

Evil never creates virtue. Or, to put it another way, the means are more important than the end - the end is, in fact, the sum of all means.


A Fiery Likeness