A Gilded Serpent

Sir Thomas walked up behind Mr. Gilby and asked him, "I say, with all due respect, how can you bear to look upon something so appalling at such great length?"

"It interests me. Professionally, I mean."

"But it has a diabolical look about it!"

"Afraid of snakes, are we?" asked Madame Vereaux with a smirk.

"I am referring," Sir Thomas retorted stiffly, "to its religious implications."

"Even in Christian mythology," began Mr. Gilby, "the Serpent serves a role. Though it may rebel against Creation, it is irrevocably, against its will, part and parcel with the same. Furthermore, the existence of temptation in our lives allows for the possibility of choice." Seeing Sir Thomas' doubtful expression, he shrugged and added, "Let me explain."


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