The Hungry Orphan

Once, there was a child who had lost both of his parents. He worked diligently, but most of what he had was spent feeding his greedy older siblings and his defenseless little sister, such that he often went hungry. He persevered as best he could, however, and never lost hope or turned to crime.

One day, he was walking home after a long day, exhausted and glum. He came upon a wealthy businessman - his employer, in fact - who was eating a tremendous roast beef sandwich in the park. The fellow noticed this emaciated, weary boy looking covetously at his dinner and asked him, "Why do you look so hungry? Do I not pay you enough?"

"Sir, you do, but I feed my brothers and sister, and there is rarely enough left for me. Might I have a bite, to tide me over?"

The businessman considered. Certainly the sandwich was nothing to him, whereas it might be the finest meal that the boy had eaten for weeks. Should or shouldn't he give him some of the sandwich?


A Gilded Serpent