Last Mask

Stan Cook

(Wow… persistent, aren’t you, clicking on periods? In this day and age, we almost lose our observation skills. The fact that this may be read proves that not all hope is yet lost…)

With XyLORN's arrest and non- Habeas Corpus compliant tortures, I'm about FED UP.

It's been quite a ride for me these past few years. I've jumped from MindFeed slave to a functioning author (at least in the eyes of my mentors). While I'd like to say I'm proud of my progress, I'm still an astronomer and not yet an astronaut: I'm perfectly content to sit, watch, and analyze from a distance but I haven't yet jumped into the arena, where I take any risks myself...

So this will be it. Rather than sit and write masks that will never be performed. I will finally perform my own.

Most masks require staging, sets, crews, and are easily disrupted by authorities. This will only include me. I'll need the following materials:

-Two Railroad spikes.

-Crows and birdseed.

-Some very sharp knives.

-(Perhaps most importantly...) Quite a lot of PCP.

So our society is a mess. We're saturated in media and filth. If a reader would like to re-create this piece (as this document is technically a script/score), take the above ingredients, and prepare the dish like so:

-Go to the nearest Media Rehabilitation Center. The fact that we need Centers to bring people back to life is bad enough, but when you consider how full they are it's downright egregious. This installation/performance is site-specific.

-Take the PCP. Hope that you have enough consciousness after the ingestion to follow through with the rest of the work, as it will hit you strong. The idea is to null your nerve endings and thus not feel the rest of the procedure.

-Use the knives, crows, and birdseed to set up a tableau that will strike into the viewer's eyes. Attacking your own sensory organs is particularly effective. I have an idea of what I want, but am not entirely sure about it yet. Hopefully my story will make news, and you can copy me or create your own.

-Hope you die before the PCP wears off.

I can't say I'm not a little frightened. Hell, I can't say this isn't the most frightened I've ever been my entire life. But my life only started a few years ago, and the person who led me to it is now gone, for going out and doing what he believed in.

I won't be a bystander anymore. Performance is supposed to leave a mark. I just hope someone gets my message with this and any hullabaloo that follows.