so i didn't jack into the NapSpace today, which meant my sleep was hollow (or should have been). i know they'll revoke my MindFeed privileges, and I am a little worried about it. I was off MindFeed for two and a half hours today (that's 2 Crime Detective Peters and one Zany Goatboy Adventures) and I got bored pretty quickly. What would I do all day if they take it from me?

but it was strange because my sleep wasn't hollow, like I heard it would be. I thought of things and went places, just like NapSpace does to me, except there were no ads or big names in there. I was drinking a cola, but I didn't know if it was Quik-E or Coke! and I didn't really care!

MindFeed is only free if you rest using NapSpace, which people say is more fun anyways. but this was fun too, and I likd it better.

XyLORN tells me that when you rest off NapSpace, your brain can fill its own adventures in there by itself. he calls it dreaming.

so I had my first dreaming yesterday. and I know it's wrong, but I want to do it again tonite.