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Word just got out that Underground Insider lost one of their most cherished family members yesterday in a Government bust...

XyLORN, great recruiter, writer, and visionary, was comprehended yesterday at Tyson's Corner Mall in Northern Virginia for 'disturbing the peace.'

He was arrested without a warrant, with the police officers citing The Strong Comrade Act passed after the Terrible Tragedies of 2139 as justification for doing so.

XyLORN said:

"The arts aren't dying, they're dead, particularly in bugy, commercial wastelands as this. See the special over at SavMart over there? Civil Liberties, 80% off! I will not go down quietly, and call all my brothers to take action, as our final candles are currently being snuffed out."

Anonymous until now, the identity of XyLORN was finally revealed as Patrick Dougle, board member and shareholder of FoggyChannel, the distributor of MindFeed. "I was fighting from the inside and out," Dougle proclaimed.

He will continue here to be known as XyLORN, one of our greatest benefactors and contributors.

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GODDAMMIT! He was the best, and completely irreplaceable...

I meant to share these with him, but it'll be hard to reach him now. If anyone, anyone is able to reach him, could you please send him these for me? I'd be completely in your debt.


that's the sound of liberty's voice dying...


Blades will bleed...