23 Skiddoo

[Editor's Note: records of the intervening hours are being decrypted with great difficulty due to being nearly illegibleAlmost completely consumed in a small-scale booze fire at my apartment.. I apologize for the inconvenience.]

Television. The Less than Entirely Clever Brotherhood is preaching the gospel of anti-tautness. I'm laughing at something other than the ridiculous improbability of my situation. It's very cold now.

Picture's gone. Damn. You should be able to see a far-too-cleanshaven guy with a pipe.

[...]This space reserved for the sound of a gun firing.

My current survival is less likely than winning second place in the lottery, less likely than being crushed to death by a vending machine, less likely than dying in a terrorist attack.

After the next hour I will end it. One way or another. It will end.