Third Time's a Charm

It's almost one now. Nothing very good happens around one in the morning. And I'm sleepy. Very, very sleepy. I could use a big napI need to stay awake in case I die, though. Oh, the sacrifices we make in the name of science.. I suppose after the hourAssuming I'm alive, of course. I'll go and get some delicious Coca-Cola® - that should pep me right upShould one be peppy at the time of one's elaborate suicide in the name of science? I wonder if this is appropriate. I will need to write my local ettiquette newspaper columnist. If I'm alive.!

The Big Sleep. Someone in a fictionalized account of what I'm doing is having a good laugh at these right about now. It doesn't help the reception's kicking out for some reason.
One in the morning. Odds one to eight against.

[...]This space reserved for the sound of a gun firing.

Felt a little thrill that time. It's less likely that I live this far than that I die of heart disease or cancer. Not doing too shabby, then. Safe from those little guys, at least.