The First Hour

All set up and ready to go... Now all I need to do is wait. How should I amuse myself...In what may be my last hour...

Eh, nothing to do but watch TV, I guess.

DOA is playing. A man shows up at a police station to report a murder - his own. Hey, I could manage that now!
It's 11PM. I've survived an hour, against even odds.

[...]This space reserved for the sound of a gun firing

Well, I'm not dead. What's the Book of Odds have to say about that, hm?

My odds of survival were one-half, so the odds that I'm alive are equal to... Drawing a particular color from a deck of cards, finding two people with the same birthday in a room of twenty-three, odds on the average coin-flip, odds that a random point on the globe is receiving sunlight. Good odds.