And that is, I am afraid, all I have to offer you. Rutherford claims to have been shown the revolver with four dud bullets - something impossible unless arranged, according to conventional wisdom - by Kato, who then stood up and crossed the highway, where - again, this is Rutherford's accountUnquestionably drug-ridden. - cars seemed incapable of hitting him, one large truck in particular spontaneously snapping its fronmost axle just soon enough to veer away from Kato.

Since then, I've received no communication from Kato, nor has Rutherford, though the man has never ceased lookingfor a venue that'll accept a magician whose only skill is impossibly avoiding death.. I did receive one cryptic letter, almost certainly a joke, and I hesitate to mention it, but that it seems very reflective of some of Kato's later notes. Here it is, transcribed in full:

WG - I cannot die. Or win the lottery. Running out of things to do. Still looking for cat. If you find him, make a loud noise. -KS

I have no idea what to makeKato probably got at some of Rutherford's stronger stuff. of this note; I suggest each of you do your best and hope that you have found this story, however sad, highly interestingAnd cashworthy..

--Woodford Green